I specialise in the creation of high quality, robust, and affordable software solutions.

Windows / Web Applications

My capabilities include the creation of Windows or Web based applications which can be used by multiple users at various sites. Some of the technologies which I utilise in the development of applications are as follows:
SQL Server
XML Web Services
Crystal Reports
Sage Data Objects

PC Upgrades / Repairs

If your PC is running slow or needs an upgrade, or you are struggling to connect to the Internet I can help. In many cases I can tidy up computers and fix problems over the Internet. Why carry your computer to a shop when I can do a better job for half the price over the Internet? You can even watch and learn from what I do.
PC Upgrades / Repairs (from £20)
Internet Setup (from £20)

Web Services

I provide a U.K. Lotto Results Web service here.
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